Inter Milan is one of the best and most popular professional football clubs in Italy, and won the Serie A title last season.

The club’s achievements speak for itself. This year, Inter Milan unlocked their second golden star.

The club obtained another Serie A title this season. They won the 2023/24 Serie A after defeating another famous Milan-based football club, AC Milan.

Many football experts and fans have already started betting on Inter Milan as the winner of the 2024/25 Serie A.

After the club’s title win, some game companies created Inter Milan bingo cards and Inter Milan-themed games. Some of these can be found on bingo sites online.

But can Inter Milan really defend its current title? Which key players should the club rely on in order to win the next Serie A title?

Players Who Helped Inter Milan Win Last Season’s Title

Before predicting next season’s star players, it is worth reflecting on last season’s key players.

The following team members helped Inter Milan win the 2023/24 Serie A title.

Lautaro Martinez

Inter Milan owes a lot of its success to Argentinian player Lautaro Martinez. He is the club’s main centre-forward player and striker.

During the 2023/24 Serie A, he scored 24 goals. He became the top scorer of the season.

Martinez is also the team’s captain. In other words, not only did his athletic performance help the club win, his performance as a captain also led Inter Milan to victory.

But would Lautaro Martinez have been able to shine without Marcus Thuram? And would Marcus Thuram have played so well without Lautaro Martinez?

Inter Milan owes a lot to both Martinez and Thuram who have worked so well together.

Marcus Thuram

Hiring Marcus Thuram was one of the best decisions that Inter Milan ever made.

The French centre-forward player helped the club win the 2023/24 Serie A title. He worked extremely well with Lautaro Martinez and created opportunities for him to score.

He scored 13 goals himself, becoming the 6th best scorer of the season.

Inter Milan got very lucky with Marcus Thuram. The player joined the club on a free transfer after he chose not to renew his contract with another Serie A club, Borussia Monchengladbach.

Hakan Çalhanoğlu

Hakan Çalhanoğlu is a Turkish football player. He is a great defensive midfield player at the Inter Milan club.

Çalhanoğlu helped the club win the 2023/24 Serie A title by scoring 13 goals and facilitating other team members’ scoring opportunities.

He is ranked as the 10th-best scorer of the Serie A season.

Inter Milan also got lucky with Çalhanoğlu. They secured him on a free transfer back in 2021.

Yann Sommer

Yann Sommer is a Swiss football goalkeeper. He is considered one of the best active goalkeepers in the football world.

He is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 goalkeepers and defenders playing today.

During the Serie A season, he kept 19 clean sheets. This means he did not concede a goal during 19 games.

His impressive goalkeeper abilities have made him a valuable player for Inter Milan.

Federico Dimarco

Dimarco is another key player for Inter Milan. The Italian athlete plays as a left wing-back or left-back for the club.

He scored 6 goals during the 2023/24 Serie A and used his pace and crossing skills to help his team win.

He helps create scoring opportunities for his teammates. He also knows how to use his abilities to reinforce the team’s defence and improve its attack.

Should Inter Milan Sign New players? 

If the players listed above stay at Inter Milan for the 2024/25 season, then the club will likely win the next Serie A title. 

However, if the team changes too much, Inter Milan will likely lose. It is worth noting that even some minor changes can change the team’s overall performance. 

For example, a player who is seen as transferable might be sold by Inter Milan to another club only for Inter Milan to realize that the player was actually crucial.

In other words, every team member of a winning team is valuable. Even if they do not appear to be crucial or key players, if the whole team is winning then they are most likely doing something right. 

For example, their playing style might perfectly complement a key player’s style. Without these other players, the key players might not be able to shine and score as often as they do. 

Some transfers work and help the team improve. But, as the saying goes, it is best to “never change a winning team”. 

Final thoughts

This article listed five of Inter Milan’s best players. 

These five key footballers helped the club win its 20th league title and will potentially help it win its 21st title. 

That being said, if the team changes too much, Inter Milan’s odds of winning next season’s title will decrease.