Milan Mayor Beppe Sala expects that Inter Milan and AC Milan will still need time to reflect on the future of their stadium situation.

Sala spoke to reporters, via FCInterNews. He explained that the moment there is no meeting scheduled between the clubs and the city on the matter.

Last month, Inter and Milan heard the proposal of construction firm WeBuild to renovate the San Siro.

This was part of Milan Mayor Sala’s efforts to convince the clubs to stay at the stadium.

For years, Inter and Milan have pushed to tear down the San Siro and build a new stadium in its place.

After it became clear that this would not be possible, the clubs went an alternate route. They went their separate ways and got to work on plans to build new stadiums outside of Milan.

For Inter, the commune of Rozzano has been the focus of their efforts. Meanwhile, Milan have already bought land in San Donato.

However, Milan Mayor Sala hopes that there is a third way.

The Milan Mayor does not want to see the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri leave Milan. So he has been working with WeBuild on the possibility of renovating the San Siro.

Milan Mayor Sala: Inter & Milan “Will Take Time To Reflect” On Stadium

Inter and Milan now have the detailed proposal from WeBuild before them.

Sala and WeBuild have aimed to convince the clubs of two things.

Firstly, that it is possible to revamp the San Siro in a way that it can generate revenues commensurate with other top clubs in Europa.

That has always been a key issue for Inter and Milan. At the moment, they feel that they are not earning enough from their stadium,

And secondly, WeBuild have promised that the construction will barely interfere with the clubs’ playing schedule.

So now Inter and Milan have the renovation plans before them. And they also have the work that they have already done on alternative plans.

So it is up to the clubs to make a decision.

Milan Mayor Sala said that “We haven’t scheduled a meeting,” on the matter.

“Because right now they need to reflect, and I’m giving them time to do so.”

“I know that it’s of interest to them,” the Mayor continued. “But I hope that they’ll make a decision, and that we can move forward towards an administrative formulation of a possible agreement.”