Oaktree Capital have brought “calmness and competitiveness” to Inter Milan after the departure of Suning.

This is the view in Italian outlet Gazzetta.it. The Gazzetta argue that the atmosphere around the Nerazzurri has changed thanks to the new ownership as regards the transfer market and financial situation.

The financial situation at Inter has been improving long before the arrival of Oaktree Capital.

The summer of 2021 marked the nadir of the Nerazzurri’s troubles from a financial perspective.

That year saw Inter forced to sell the likes of Achraf Hakimi and Romelu Lukaku. Even then, the losses were massive in the wake of a pandemic-related financial crisis.

The summer was the most tumultuous one that Inter endured under the ownership of Suning.

But the subsequent summers were hardly without their troubles.

The likes of Ivan Perisic, Milan Skriniar, and Andre Onana all left Inter in the last couple of years. The club’s finances were, ultimately, a big part of the reason for these departures.

Oaktree Capital Bring “Calm & Competitiveness” Back To Inter After Suning Uncertainty

With US fund Oaktree having taken over as Inter owners, the situation is not exactly night and day.

It is clear that the new owners are not just going to splash the cash.

However, Oaktree have something that Suning don’t. The capacity to cover at least some losses in the short term.

It is clear that the US fund are willing to keep Inter on a positive financial trajectory without a dogmatic adherence to cutting spending.

Whereas Suning, at times, had no option but to sell players, Oaktree always have the possibility of making a cash injection.

The US fund will not do so forever. And they will aim to minimize the losses that they have to cover right away.

But particularly in the first year of their ownership, Oaktree will be able to give Inter some stability behind the scenes that they just never had when Suning were running the show.