Antonio Cassano: Wonderboy to Wonderman

May 13, 2013 17:19
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Sell Antonio Cassano? Over my dead body. How is that reasonable at all? Do you understand what that would do to me? All those years…

Terzo Tempo – RagdollsTerzo Tempo – Trasdockor

May 12, 2013 15:16
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This season has been hard and painful in many ways. The injuries are eating up the bodies of our players and the hope of the…

Terzo Tempo – Old MacDonald…Terzo Tempo – Per Olsson…

May 8, 2013 23:47
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Old Moratti had a farm – Iiiaaaah, Iiiaaaah, yooohh On the farm he a had a back – Iiiaaaah, Iiiaaaah, yooohh And it’s a lost…

Terzo Tempo: Is it over yet?Terzo Tempo: Är det över snart?

May 6, 2013 00:58
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Tonight, Inter entered San Paolo in Naples, a stadium they have not won at since 1997. Inter came to the game with an injury list…

May 5th: From tragedy to triumph5 maj: Från tragedi till triumf

May 5, 2013 10:00
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The fifth of May is a date that affects many. A date in the world of football, when a lot seems to happen. Everything from…

In memory of Il Grande TorinoTill minne av Il Grande Torino

May 4, 2013 02:31
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If I were forced to chose a second team in Serie A, my choice would be simple, it would be Torino. They have the same…

Terzo Tempo: “One should refer to things by their accurate designation…”Terzo Tempo: “Man bör kalla saker och ting vid deras rätta namn…”

April 14, 2013 21:20
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“One should refer to things by their accurate designation. What is happening right now in Italy is a form of torture. What they do is…

Terzo Tempo – the gold watch arrived at half-timeTerzo Tempo – Guldklockan kom fram i halvtid

March 30, 2013 22:38
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Det är alltid en speciell känsla när det vankas Derby D’Italia. Den alldagliga rivaliteten mellan Inter och Juventus sätts på prov till det yttersta. Inte…

Terzo Tempo – Beaten, but I’m proud.Terzo Tempo – Utslagna, men jag är stolt!

March 14, 2013 23:28
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Beaten, yes but what a way to be beaten! In this game, the team that we all know and love, went in and proved why…