Stramaccioni’s pressconference: “Cassano will play”

Stramaccioni’s pressconference: “Cassano will play”
March 6, 2013 21:25
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How will you line up the team?
“We can not afford to risk those who are not in perfect condition. Currently, the availability of the players is in an emergency. With us tomorrow, we have six guys from the Primavera.”

Cassano is here with the team? Is the problem is solved?
“Antonio is here in London, he has been called in and trained yesterday. Tomorrow I’m sure that he will contribute from the first minute. No problem.”

Costacurta said that Tottenham is the best team at a physical level in Europe: What do you think? And you’re worried about Bale?
“I believe that Tottenham is not only a strong team physically, but also a team of high quality, playing good football. They are starting from a good base, you see the great work of André Villas-Boas. Bale is becoming one of the most complete players in Europe. He has turned from a good player to a great champion. ”

Is there a plan to stop Bale?
“The challenge is Tottenham-Inter, not Inter-Bale, this is the vision that I have. I compare all of them with all of us and work from there. ”

Villas-Boas, one of the best coaches in Europe?
“André has demonstrated technical qualities though he was young, maybe it was an example for all young European coaches. Although he’s young, he’s already had the chance to work with one of the greatest coaches in the world, Mourinho. I admire him very much, I hope that Villas-Boas to continue to do well. ”

Do you remember playing here against Tottenham with the Primavera, in NextGen-Series?
“Yes, we lost 7-1.”

How are Guarin and Ranocchia?
“More than two players are not in perfect condition. I’ll evaluate Guarin and Ranocchia tomorrow morning, then I’ll decide. But we can not risk losing players because they are not fit to play. “

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