Former Inter striker Aldo Serena spoke on the television show ‘Pressing’ hosted by Italian broadcaster Italia 1, discussing Inter striker Lautaro Martinez and his importance to the Nerazzurri.

“He is becoming an important point of reference. He has personality, he has charisma, he is a young guy who has talent and puts it at the disposal of the team. He doesn’t just work for a goal but also a lot for his team-mates: he comes back, regains possession, he’s a tenacious player and I really like him.”

Serena was also optimistic about the growth of former Manchester United forward Romelu Lukaku.

“He’s not yet at his level because he hasn’t found his ideal condition to be able to express his full potential, but I think that when he’s done the hard work of Conte’s training, he can be a worthy partner of this guy.”

Lautaro has scored six goals for the Nerazzurri so far this season, one more than Lukaku.