Inter have confirmed that they will be participating in the pre-season Florida Cup tournament in Orlando.

This according to Italian news outlet FCInter1908, who report that the Nerazzurri plan to leave for the US tomorrow despite setbacks with the engagement.

Arsenal, one of the four participants in the pre-season engagement, have officially withdrawn due to positive tests for COVID-19 in their camp and health concerns associated with this, and will prioritize dealing with this matter.

The Nerazzurri, for their part, are reported to have been seriously considering withdrawing earlier in the week over health concerns surrounding the infection rate of COVID-19 in the US and the presence of the Delta variant of the virus.

The Gunners’ withdrawal raises questions about the format and marketability of the tournament, and it remains to be seen how the organizers will cope with this setback.

However, for the time being at least, the Nerazzurri will still be participating in the event.