AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni: “San Siro Is Iconic Because Of AC Milan & Inter”

AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni: “San Siro Is Iconic Because Of AC Milan & Inter”
December 2, 2021 13:00
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The president of Inter’s rivals AC Milan has claimed that the existing San Siro is only iconic because of the two football teams rather than the structure itself, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Speaking during an interview with Corriere della Sera that also featured Inter’s corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello, Paolo Scaroni explained that the clubs are the key feature, not the stadium itself.

“After three years of hard work we have arrived at a solution that the Municipality and in particular the mayor has made his own.

The stadium is so important to us that if we hadn’t had this chance we would have gone to the stadium outside Milan. The new stadium is a vital necessity.

“San Siro is iconic because there is AC Milan and Inter Milan. Being iconic comes from the presence of two great teams and not because it is beautiful or unique in the world. The iconicity will continue in the new stadium.”

Paolo Scaroni went on to explain that he wants to give his team the best stadium in the world and that he thinks those who are nostalgic for the current stadium will change their minds when they see the new structure.

“We want to give Milan the most beautiful stadium in Europe and perhaps in the world. I don’t understand why it shouldn’t be accepted by everyone. I am convinced that when the new stadium is seen, even the nostalgic and romantics will have the opportunity to change their mind.”

As for when they will actually get the chance to see that new stadium, Paolo Scaroni says the clubs are aiming for the 2026/27 season.

“The idea is to be able to play the 2026-27 season in the new stadium, with construction sites open at the beginning of 2023.”

Milan is hosting the Winter Olympics in 2026 and that is one of the main factors that Milan Mayor Beppe Sala must think about.

By Euan Burns