Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has made clear that regardless of his own personal feeling, there is little chance of Inter and AC Milan keeping the San Siro standing.

Speaking to the press, as reported by FCInterNews, the Mayor explained that the clubs have consistently made it very clear that they have no intention of working with the existing stadium.

Inter and Milan are pressing forward with their plans to build a new stadium in the city of Milan.

The aspect of the plans that involves demolishing the San Siro and replacing it with a new structure has been one that has proved controversial.

However, the two clubs have always stuck to their guns, despite some calls to instead keep the San Siro in place and change the plans.

As Sala explained, whilst he personally would be sad to see the existing stadium go, he understands full well that there is little flexibility on the part of the clubs.

“I love San Siro strongly, but they don’t want to keep it standing,” he said.

“I’ve tried to convince them,” he noted.

“The teams will have to develop their executive project and then take that to the City Council,” he noted.

“It’s clear that it will be difficult as far as the idea that the San Siro must stay up – okay, sure, but what do we do with it?”

“I have an intense love of it, I tried to convince the teams but they tell me, we can’t because we have to play out of it for two years.”