The Mayor of Sesto San Giovanni feels that there is every opportunity for Inter and AC Milan to build a new stadium in his municipality instead of Milan should they change their plans.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Libero in an interview published in today’s print edition, via FCInterNews, Di Stefano made clear that Sesto would be a viable Plan B if the clubs are unable to build their new stadium within the city of Milan.

Inter and Milan are continuing to push to start construction on their new stadium as soon as possible.

Whilst there have been positive developments which suggest that approval to begin construction could be in sight, uncertainty and bureaucratic hurdles continue to stand in the way.

Both the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have made clear that if they feel they cannot build in place of the San Siro in Milan, they would be willing to pursue alternate plans.

As far as Di Stefano is concerned, Sesto San Giovanni would be accommodating for the clubs should they come calling.

The Mayor said that “Our doors aren’t open, they’re wide open,” when asked about the possible change of new stadium plans.

“Moving the stadium to Sesto is the only possible solution both for the clubs involved, or for just one should they decide to build on their own,” he continued.

“We have an abandoned area [the unused former Falk grounds] which is the largest in Europe, we’re talking about a space of one and a half million square metres.”

Di Stefano note that “It’as already been reclaimed, and with minimal changes to the project, we could begin quickly.”

“Moreover, it’s privately held land, so there are not the same sorts of constraints that there would be within Milan,” he noted.

“And when we consider the greater metropolitan area, it’s important to remember that Milan doesn’t end at the city limits.”

The Mayor noted that “Sesto is connected to the city with three stops on the underground metro, and the ring road, public transport, by the railway.”

“Ten minutes, and you’re at the Duomo,” Di Stefano stated to emphasize the relative proximity of Sesto to downtown Milan.

“The network of services ready to accommodate them,” he noted, “it would be an excellent idea and we’re ready.”