Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis has given a scathing assessment of the prospect of the Supercoppa Italiana in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking at an event at the Universita Luiss di Roma, as reported by FCInterNews, the Partenopei President urged that the Supercoppa instead take place in Italy, at the Stadio Olimpico.

Napoli are one of four teams to have qualified for the Supercoppa Italiana this season.

The Partneopei are in the competition as last season’s Serie A champions.

Lazio have qualified as runners-up from last season’s competition. Meanwhile, Inter and Fiorentina are in the Supercoppa as last season’s Coppa Italia winners and runners-up respectively.

The Supercoppa Italiana is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia.

That is where the competition had taken place last season.

Last time around, the Supercoppa was a one-off match between Inter and AC Milan. It took place in Riyadh.

This season, however, it is set to change format to a four-team mini-tournament. This would be similar to the Spanish Super Cup.

Moreover, it has recently been confirmed that the dates for the Supercoppa will move, from the start of January to later in the month.

Napoli President De Laurentiis Hits Out At Supercoppa Italiana In Saudi Arabia

Reportedly, both Napoli and also Fiorentina are threatening to pull out of the Supercoppa.

The two clubs would prefer for the competition to be held on home soil.

And Partenopei President De Laurentiis has made his own views very clear on why he feels that this should be the case.

“Arab countries must regulate themselves with respect for women and work,” De Laurentiis said.

“When somone talks about sport, it has to be reconcile with health and well-being,” he continued. “When that’s not happening, I worry.”

De Laurentiis continued by noting, “Have you seen what is happening in Israel?”

“Can you imagine that there’s an air blockade around those territories?”

“Come on guys. You’re putting 120 top players on airplanes, think about what they’re worth. Ah! Don’t be stupid!”

“All this to earn a few million euros more?” De Laurentiis posed.

“Let’s hold it at the Olimpico,” the Napoli President suggested.