Milan Mayor Beppe Sala has announced the intention to appeal against injunction on demolishing the San Siro.

Speaking to reporters, via FCInterNews, the Milan Mayor called the injunction “absurd” and argued that it would be damaging to the city and people of Milan.

The injunction on demolishing the San Siro has looked to be the final nail in the coffin of Inter and AC Milan’s plans to build a new stadium in place of the existing one.

For years, the club have worked in the direction of building a new stadium together.

Their plans have revolved around demolishing the existing San Siro, and building a new stadium in the same location.

However, the clubs have faced continued bureaucratic delays. This has caused them to lose patience and pursue alternative plans.

First, Milan have looked to the San Donato area, where they have taken serious steps towards building a new stadium.

Then, Inter have done the same in the commune of Rozzano. The Nerazzurri have already formally presented plans in the area.

Milan Mayor Announces Plans To Appeal Injunction Against Demolishing San Siro

Whilst the other bureaucratic delays have been a problem for Inter and Milan’s original plans, the injunction against demolishing the San Siro is completely terminal for them.

The injunction is currently set to take effect in 2025. That will be the 70th anniversary of the construction of the San Siro’s second tier.

The injunction grants that the second tier is too culturally significant to be torn down.

Clearly if the Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri cannot tear the existing stadium down, they cannot move forward with previous plans.

Sala is against the constraint for this reason. The Milan Mayor wants to work with the club to build a new stadium.

He stated that “Our orientation on the constraint is to appeal against the opinion of the Ministry of Culture.”

“This cites the cultural significance of the second ring.”

“Our offices and the legal team are working in this direction,” Sala explained.

The Milan Mayor continued that “We will then report to the government and the Court of Auditors that there is economic damage to the Municipality and therefore to the Milanese taxpayers due to this injunction, which in my opinion it is absurd.”

“This restriction does major damage to the heritage values of the Municipality of Milan. And therefore also to the people of Milan.”