From a plit with Roc Nation to a missed wedding, the departure of Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan was also a broken friendship with Federico Dimarco.

The Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInter1908, reveal the dramatic break between the two players who had connected both on and off the pitch.

As the Gazzetta notes, when Lukaku made the return to Inter last summer, Dimarco was one of the most enthusiastic about welcoming the Belgian back.

By all accounts, there was a real spark between the duo.

It was not just a matter of getting along well in training and on the pitch for Lukaku and Dimarco.

The two players were also friends in their personal lives.

Lukaku and Dimarco spent time together socially, shared numerous jokes, and played video games together.

Moreover, it was the Belgian who was a key factor in Dimarco signing a deal with US-based agency Roc Nation Sports.

From Roc Nation Split To Missed Wedding – Drama Between Lukaku & Dimarco

Ironically enough, Lukaku’s own partnership with Roc Nation was not to last much longer.

The 30-year-old and Roc Nation parted ways following his summer soap opera with Inter.

And as the Gazzetta notes, there had been signs pointing to Lukaku’s controversial departure, particularly in terms of an evident distance growing in his relationship with Dimarco.

Most pointedly, Lukaku was absent from Dimarco’s wedding.

The Belgian had been at the wedding of Inter captain Lautaro Martinez.

But the fact that Lukaku was not at the ceremony for Dimarco was a sign that something was off.

It is not just that the striker skipped the wedding of a teammate. It was that by all accounts he and Dimarco were genuinely close.

Then, when Lukaku was refusing to answer phone calls from teammates in July, Dimarco was particularly hurt.

For a long time, the 25-year-old had seemed to enjoy a very warm and positive relationship with Lukaku.

So to be unable to get in touch with his friend, the Inter wingback really knew that something was wrong.