Inter Milan Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello says that the Super League project is now a “closed chapter.”

The Nerazzurri executive spoke to ESPN, via FCInterNews. He also gave his thoughts on the massive gap between the Premier League and Serie A at the moment.

In the spring of 2021, the announcement of a “Super League” in European football dominated the headlines.

That April, twelve major European clubs announced plans to form a new competition.

This would be a breakaway competition, separate from major domestic leagues and football associations.

It would also, significantly, be significant from the governance of UEFA and FIFA.

Inter were among the twelve clubs who made the announcement. AC Milan and Juventus were the other two Italian clubs.

Meanwhile, Spanish giants Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid were all on board.

Then, there were six teams from the Enlgish top flight who also made announcements.

However, there was an instant and intense backlash to the Super League project.

This caused a number of the clubs to start dropping out. This came to include Inter.

Inter Milan Corporate CEO: Super League “A Closed Chapter”

The Super League story may not be over.

There have been attempts to resurrect the project, possibly in a different form.

But as far as Inter Corporate CEO Antonello is concerned, “The Super League was a particular moment in the moment of the football history.”

“At the time, there were big financial problems,” he noted.

“So the big clubs decided to find a way to create a new competition. But that structure, and that history, are now over.”

Antonello noted that “We have a new format for the Champions League, with more clubs competing.

“And then we also have a new competition, the Conference League. And that’s a way to give more clubs a chance to compete at an international level, guaranteeing greater visibility.”

“I think that the Super League is now a closed chapter,” Antonello said.

And of the gap between the Premier League and Serie A, Antonello admitted that “There’s certainly a difference.”

“The value of the Premier League’s broadcasting rights is massive compared to the average of other European leagues,” he noted.

“It’s a gap that looks difficult to make up at the moment,” the Inter executive further admitted.

“In Italy, from a sporting perspective we have the ability to build good teams, even with fewer resources, and achieve great results.”

“But from a financial standpoint there’s a big gap. And we view the Premier League as being a leader in this sector at the moment.”

Antonello argued that “What UEFA and other international institutions can try to do is to maintain a competitive balance so that medium-sized and small clubs can have the opportunity to win trophies at the European level.”

“Because what we need to project is a competitive balance. Not just at the national, but also international level.”