Press conference with Frank De Boer ahead of tomorrows matchup against Empoli.

Press conference with Frank De Boer ahead of tomorrows matchup against Empoli.
September 20, 2016 13:56
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After the victory against Juventus, what kind of match can we expect tomorrow? “For me the most important thing is the attitude, I want the same attitude like we had against Juventus. The three points won against Juventus helped us a lot in our process.”

What effect will the absence of Ever Banega have? “We won’t change our model of play, we miss only one player. I want the same intensity like we showed against Juventus, for me this is the most important thing.”

Is Gabigol ready to play? “He has participated in 2-3 practices, yesterday he had the first practice with the group. He’s doing well and today we’ll se if he gets called up for the game tomorrow.”

What are the biggest challenges in coming from a big game against Juventus when you play a team like Empoli tomorrow? “The only thing is that after the game against Empoli, I will know exactly where my team is. We have had only two days to prepare for this game. And after I know more about the players growth process.”

What does Brozovic have to do in order to get reinstated? “He only needs to show that he’s part of the team and can make a difference. After he returns this will not be a problem. He did something I couldn’t accept and will return to the group when he shows that he has discipline.”

Which one is hardest, trying to learn Italian or trying to apply your philosophy of football? (Laughing) I’d like to speak your language as soon as possible, I study hard with my teacher about two hours a day.”

What do you expect from your Inter against the “smaller” teams? “We always want to dominate the play, in every game. Against Juventus we executed that perfectly with a lot of pressure.I repeat, our objective is to implement our type of play against almost every opponent, working together and moving towards a common direction. That means everyone not only 2-3 players. Against Empoli I want to see what we showed against Juventus, from everyone.”

What kind of relationship do you have with the players? “I want to treat everybody the same because I consider myself to be an honest man. I have a great relationship with the players based on a mutual respect for each other. What counts is the group and the process that moves us forward together, if someone disagrees about that we might have a problem. In any case, I’m always available for them, for anything.”

Did the three points agains Juventus make it clear for you and the players the true potential of the team? “Yes, but we can’t stop here. We have to move forward and work hard during practices and show that quality during the games. Quality is most important but has to be accompanied with hard work.”

Have you fully understood how much it meant turning the game against Juventus around? Do you think that the relationship between you and the fans has changed? “Obviously the fans are happy at the moment after Sunday’s win. I think it’s normal that there is a lot of a pressure in a great club like Inter, and when you win you enjoy it. We trust our project that keeps on moving us forward. Against Juventus I saw a lot of god things but there is still room for improvement.”

The win on Sunday, do you consider that amongst the top three wins of your career when it comes to importance? “Of course, winning in my first derby d’Italia was fantastic, but we have to start thinking about the next game. Like I said before, the only thing that counts is our project. The three points were needed for our process, I hope to experience more special games like this in my career.”

Do you think Inter can start dreaming of the Scudetto? “The championship is very long. We won against Juventus but that’s only one game. If we were to keep the attitude we had against Juventus that’s great, but we need to be focused on the next game.”

Have you spoken with management after the game? “They always support us. They are close to me and to the team and were very happy with the victory and what we are doing.”

In what way have you contributed in changing Icardis attittude, he has started this season excellent and besides scoring he helps the team out more than before? I have spoken with all the players and I’m very happy with what he is doing right now. He is our captain and he needs to show that every day, he is doing this on a daily basis, both during practices and games. I am very happy with him and he’s doing a lot of good things right now, even things that are very difficult. I repeat I’m very happy with Icardi.”


SOURCE: Inter Channel

By Olof Svensson


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