Oaktree Capital are planning to secure the financial future of Inter Milan without any big name player sales.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, via FCInterNews.

A big question that has hung over Oaktree’s takeover of Inter in May is how they will aim to get the club on track financially.

The overall trend has already been positive in recent years.

And it had to be. Inter endured shocking losses of 246 million in the fiscal year ending in June 2021.

That has decreased over each of the past three years though. Inter are expected to record losses of 40-50 million for the fiscal year just gone.

That is still not ideal, considering that Oaktree will want to get to a balanced budget.

But Inter are no longer hemorrhaging money as had been the case in the immediate aftermath of the start of the pandemic.

Oaktree Capital Not Planning Any Fire Sale At Inter Milan

Oaktree did not demand that Inter’s senior management make a big name sale in June so that they could cover the 40-50 million losses for last fiscal year.

That sends a clear signal. The US fund are willing to cover those losses in the short term.

This indicates that Oaktree believe that short-term cash injections are a worthwhile investment.

The fund won’t want the kind of turmoil that accompanied Inter in the last few years, where the financial situation has forced them into making big sales.

It would certainly appear that Oaktree recognize the value of keeping the current Inter team together.

Nevertheless, the fund will want plenty of discipline on the financial front going forward.

Another big factor, notes the Gazzetta, is Inter’s current bond.

That bond, currently set at 415 million, is due at the end of June 2027. The bond currently weighs around 30 million in each of the club’s sets of accounts.